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Capture waste fluids while protecting your workspace and the environment

The WASTEGUARD catch basin is an ideal vessel for capturing almost any kind of liquid-based substances. With its low-profile, high capacity design, the WASTEGUARD basin protects your workspace and the environment in applications that require the containment of waste fluids.

Introducing the lightweight WASTEGUARD

The WASTEGUARD catch basin will remain completely leakproof, even under exposure to most industrial chemicals and fluids.

The compact, lightweight WASTEGUARD basin can be moved by two people. It easily fits through doorways and into tight spaces.  The low 20˝ height allows it to fit under pipes and equipment.  Despite its low profile, the WASTEGUARD basin will hold 280 gallons of liquid. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Featured applications:

With its chemically inert lining and leakproof construction, the WASTEGUARD catch basin can be used in virtually any application where liquids need to be captured and contained, such as:
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipal
  • Agriculture
  • Plumbing and sewage
  • Industrial
  • Processing plants
  • Maintenance
  • Oil and gas wellsites
  • Mining
  • Foundry


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Portable multipurpose catch basin with its lowprofile, high capacity design, the WASTEGUARD basin protects your work space and the environment Learn More


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