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With STRATAGEN's comprehensive capabilities engineered into industry-leading FRACPRO, FRACPRO.AI, FRACPRO.OPS, and STIMPRO software, effective training is essential to get the most from your investment.

Learn to optimize the software’s powerful capabilities

Join industry-acknowledged experts from STRATAGEN in a course designed to provide both the background fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and hands-on software training in the design and analysis of fracture treatments. These three-day courses are scheduled for mid-week to allow you time for travel and office duties. The course is limited to 15 participants and each student will need a laptop computer. 

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Fracture analysis course benefits

The course concentrates on the design and analysis of hydraulic fracturing treatments using real-world examples ranging from horizontal shale completions in the U.S. to moderately permeable chalk reservoirs in the North Sea to high permeability offshore frac-pack completions.
At the conclusion of the class each student will be capable of using the FRACPRO software system to build a reliable earth model and to design and evaluate hydraulic fracture treatments in a wide variety of environments. In addition, students will have a basic understanding of production forecasting and history matching using the software.

Course outline

  • Hydraulic fracturing theory review
  • Candidate selection and design considerations
  • Fracture growth physics and modeling
  • Real-data net pressure analysis—concepts, applications and benefits
  • Intro to direct fracture diagnostics
  • Overview of the FRACPRO system
  • Real-data fracture analysis software training using hydraulic fracturing field case histories

Keep up with the latest capabilities and improvements

Direct measurements of hydraulic fracture growth are regularly incorporated into the ongoing development of FRACPRO software, equipping it to better predict fracture growth. The course covers these and other improvements and additions introduced with the latest release of FRACPRO software.

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