Carbo Ceramics

Software Support

The engineers and developers of FRACPRO and STIMPRO software are working to constantly improve the capabilities and performance of our products.

Adding capability and increasing performance

We gather direct measurements of fracture growth in various rock formations as they become available, and we incorporate them into our software’s default models and calibrated model settings for the specific formations. As a result, users get improved capability to predict fracture growth, leading to better job design and execution.

Annual upgrades

FRACPRO software features annual major upgrade releases. Service packs can be downloaded over the web, and users are automatically notified when they become available.

Contact customer support

If you need assistance regarding our software, call +1 281 921 6500 or submit your question online.

Software installation troubleshooting

Installation Troubleshooting
Locking Code Tool
Current License Driver (v7.6.5)
License Driver Cleanup (32 bit)
License Driver Cleanup (64 bit)
Bitlock Troubleshooter
License Troubleshooter
Network License Troubleshooter
SafeNet Sentinel Technical Support
Microsoft Sysinternals Process Explorer
Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

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