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FRACPRO CONNECT onsite fracture monitoring software

The FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software portfolio has expanded to include the FRACPRO CONNECT onsite fracture monitoring software. The new module comprises software that produces onsite display when used in pumping company frac monitoring vans and incorporates all of the acquisition, storage, display and plotting capabilities of the FRACPRO software.


  • Utilizes the power of FRACPRO software for plotting, graphs and reporting
  • Lower cost than the full FRACPRO version
  • Uses the same input file as FRACPRO software
  • Mini-Frac, DFIT and step-down test utilities


  • Provides flexible graphics options
  • Facilitates job reporting
  • Reliable data acquisition system
  • Easily upgraded to the full FRACPRO software version

A powerful tool for frac van display

FRACPRO CONNECT and FRACPRO software share common files, allowing more compatibility and efficiency between field and office work.

FRACPRO CONNECT software can display user configurable plots on multiple monitors. Numerical readouts are available in customizable screens. Both the color and size of graphics and numerics can be selected to suit the user’s needs, then saved and transferred to other units.

FRACPRO CONNECT software can display horizontal wells with multiple fracture treatments and contains libraries of proppant and fluids used in the treatment.

The operator control screen allows the van operator to easily control FRACPRO XCHANGE software as stages change or as the job is terminated. Fluids and proppant are specified on the fly.


Open or private FRACPRO CONNECT software courses are offered. The standard course can be completed in one day, and field training is available as well. FRACPRO CONNECT training can also be offered as part of general hydraulic fracturing courses.


E-mail and extended phone technical support are standard, provided by more than a dozen staff engineers and technicians. FRACPRO CONNECT software features annual major upgrade releases. Service packs can be downloaded over the web, and users are automatically notified when they are available.

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