Carbo Ceramics
The FRACPRO.OPS field operation management platform enables the tracking and management of all stimulation assets, personnel, and inventory used for the success of a stimulation operation.


  • ​Monitor progress of your stimulation operations at the global level
  • Track all chemical inventory, delivery, and usage
  • Track all proppant inventory, delivery, and usage
  • Track all events and non-productive time activities
  • Automatic email notification
  • Field ticket estimation, creation, and approval process


  • Access the FRACPRO.OPS platform from your web browser
  • Create reports of the operational acivity, aggregated by fleet, district, region, or company-wide
  • Establish automated email notifications when treatments/wells/pads begin, end, or are interrupted

Manage your field operations remotely

Stay up-to-date on the state of your field projects from your web-browser.  Review your performance, and generate financial and operational reports for any time period and scope.

Enabled third-party connectivity

Connect financial and inventory data to your in-house or 3rd party product of choice with the use of our application programming interface (API).

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