Carbo Ceramics

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology is a porous ceramic proppant engineered with an innovative controlled release technology and infused with scale-inhibiting chemicals.


  • Controlled release technology significantly lengthens treatment life and reduces initial inhibitor washout
  • Engineered ceramic proppant that provides effective chemical delivery, high fracture conductivity and strength


  • Long-term protection from a single application
  • Reduce production maintenance costs
  • No loss of conductivity or integrity
Our unique SCALEGUARD technology outperforms other production assurance treatments which can be inefficient, expensive and require to be repeated due to their short effective periods.
​SCALEGUARD technology is placed throughout the entire fracture as part of the standard fracturing process. A single treatment can be designed to safeguard the entire production system-from the fracture through the wellbore to the surface processing equipment-or the life of the well.

SCALEGUARD technology serves as both a scale inhibitor and proppant that has no impact on fracture conductivity. It does not compromise proppant pack conductivity, nor create excessive fines that restrict or block hydrocarbon flow spaces: a risk associated with lower strength particulate-based carriers.

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