Carbo Ceramics

M-ToneTM* is a jet-black ceramic pigment with a hard, non-porous surface and very low oil absorption, used in plastics, paints, inks, coatings and adhesives markets.

*M-Tone is manufactured by CARBO for PicOnyx, Inc.


  • Excellent and unique color tone and finish: Deep jet black high-opacity and finishes ranging from super-matte to gloss and special effects.
  • Functional performance, enhancing reliability and durability: Unrivaled color and physical property retention in corrosive, abrasive, microwave and UV environments.


  • Safe and environmentally friendly: Non-dusting, inert, easy-to-clean pigment for safe user workplace.  Functional black pigment free of hazardous hydrocarbons and heavy metals.  Highly compatible in waterborne systems to meet demand for low/no VOC products.  
  • User-to-consumer total system economy: Low energy and additive-free dispersion enabling recipe and process simplification and lower system cost.  Broad compatibility across chemistries; a one stop shop for user.  Achieves EH&S superiority with no cost penalty to users, OEM's, and consumers.  

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