Carbo Ceramics

To support our customers in achieving their production and economic objectives so that they get the best possible return from every well, CARBO provides comprehensive technical support for all our proppant and fracture technologies.

We provide end-to-end technical support from frac design and technology selection, to treatment supervision and post treatment analysis.

Our team of proppant and fracture technology specialists help you to evaluate your fracture designs and develop optimized fracture designs through the integration of our advanced technologies to create production enhancement solutions.

Our technologies can be incorporated into sand or ceramic completion designs. Often our technologies represent a small proportion of the total proppant volume pumped while having a significant positive impact on fracturing efficiency, well productivity and economic performance.

Our integrated technology solutions improve:

  • Flowback control
  • Fines and sand control
  • Proppant and gravel pack integrity
  • Fracture conductivity and near-wellbore connectivity
  • Proppant transport and propped reservoir volume
  • Flow and production assurance (scale, paraffin and halite inhibition)
  • Near-wellbore propped fracture evaluation safety and accuracy
  • Fracturing and operational efficiency
  • Diversion effectiveness and efficiency
Learn more about our proppant technologies portfolio.

We can advise on the use of our technologies in different applications:

  • Offshore wells
  • Deepwater wells
  • High closure stress wells
  • High pressure and temperature wells
  • Gravel packing
  • Production assurance
  • Cement integrity evaluation
  • Acid frac
Learn more about the application of our integrated technology solution to solve key oil and gas production challenges.

Frac design and technology selection

We undertake frac design for any project that includes any CARBO fracture and proppant technology, regardless of whether CARBO is providing the base proppant used in the completion.
Our technical team advises on technology candidate selection to address potential issues, improve fracturing efficiency and effectiveness, optimize well production performance and lower well maintenance costs.
Our team utilizes their vast experience and expertise, backed by our powerful market-leading FRACPRO fracture design and analysis software for pre-treatment design.

Treatment supervision

To safeguard results and the successful placement of proppant in the fracture, our STRATAGEN fracture consulting team provides supervision to ensure that the job is pumped as designed.
  • Proppant placement
  • Diagnostics and interpretation
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Post-job reporting and documentation

Post-treatment evaluation

We undertake post-treatment evaluation to verify the successful deployment of the frac design and value delivered. After each job we look to identify opportunities to further optimize future fracture designs based on the insight learned from each well to help you continuously improve the production and economic performance of your wells.
When our proppant-delivered fracture evaluation technologies are included with the frac design, the accurate near-wellbore propped fracture measurements, and evaluations of propped fracture or gravel pack integrity and wellbore connectivity measurements provide valuable insights to improve future fracture and completion designs, and to improve your reservoir understanding and modeling.
We undertake ongoing fluid analysis on wells treated with our GUARD family of proppant-delivered production assurance technologies to verify that that minimum inhibitor concentrations levels are maintained and your wells remain protected.
As part of our commitment to continuously develop market-leading proppant and fracture technologies, we use the understanding gained for each job to develop new technologies and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

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