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METAKAO BRIGHT is a premium metakaolin additive engineered to provide a high-level of pozzolanic reactivity, thus enhancing concrete and cement-based product performance. METAKAO BRIGHT is a proven, readily available, highly reactive alternative to fly ash, slag and silica fume. Unlike darker colored pozzolans, such as fly ash and silica fume, METAKAO BRIGHT can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of concrete by minimizing brightness loss and enhancing colorant performance.


  • Increased early high-strength, allowing for quicker removal of framework
  • Improved durability by reducing permeability and mitigating ASR and sulfate attacks
  • Improved pumpability and workability of concrete mixtures
  • Reduced amount of materials needed for concrete vertical column loading


  • Improves strength, durability, and workability of Portland concrete
  • Produces a smoother finish, minimizing cracking and shrinkage
  • Reduces permeability, alkali silica reactions (ASR) and efflorescence
  • Improves chemical and moisture resistance
  • Inert material that is safe and easy to handle
  • Available in 50 lb bags, 2,000 lb super sacks and bulk delivery

Performance beyond standard pozzolans

The METAKAO BRIGHT additive reacts with the free-lime in Portland cement to increase the formation of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The additional CSH formed increases the cementitious bonds in concrete to make it stronger, more durable and less porous.

Engineered for increased pozzolanic reactivity

METAKAO BRIGHT additive is an ultra-fine material produced from the aluminum silicate mineral kaolin that meets the technical specifications for ASTM C-618 and AASHTO M295-11, Class N pozzolans. Our proprietary manufacturing process optimizes pozzolanic reactivity and ensures the product meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Compressive strength

The quality of concrete is typically judged by its strength characteristics. The ability of METAKAO BRIGHT to produce very high compressive strength provides several economic and performance benefits to a variety of concrete applications.


  • Decorative and architectural concrete
  • Pool and grotto plastering
  • Grouts, mortars and stucco
  • Concrete countertops and flooring
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)
  • Shotcrete—architectural and landscape
  • Bridge and parking deck structures
  • Marine concrete structures—piers, pilings, seawalls
  • High-strength and high-performance concrete

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