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EQUIPMENTGUARD AC durable, lightweight pad for air conditioners condensers and pool/spa pumps

The EQUIPMENTGUARD AC base pad provides a stable and durable platform for equipment such as air conditioner condensers and pumps for pools and spas. EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pads are engineered to provide maximum compressive strength and stability despite their light weight. They are ideal for applications that do not require drilling into the pad.



  • Engineered to provide exceptional support with light weight\
  • Non-permeable polyurea material
  • Resistant to UV, chemical and temperature extremes
  • Non-rigid construction dampens vibration
  • Minimizes equipment rust and corrosion
           – Displaces moisture at ground level
           – Insulating/non-conductive


  • Lightweight pads are easy to transport and install
  • Ready to use immediately—no advance construction time needed
  • Greater resistance to weather and UV than plastic, rubber or concrete products
  • Quieter operation of equipment near buildings
  • Extends life of condensers and pumps
  • Proprietary coating technology used without failure in more than 36,000 installations globally

Installs quicker, is more durable than concrete

Installation of an EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pad is as simple and quick as placing it on level ground. Unlike with a poured concrete pad, A/C or pool equipment can be put in place immediately.

A proprietary modified polyurea surface coating provides a durable surface that displaces moisture and reduces equipment rust. EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pads will not crack, crumble or flake, and they resist harsh weather and chemical exposure better than concrete.

Versatility for residential, commercial and industrial applications

EQUIPMENTGUARD AC base pads are available in sizes and configurations to suit any conditions and requirements, the base pads also come in tan, black and grey to complement the surrounding environment.

Outperforms inferior plastic and rubber alternatives

The tough polyurea surface of the EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pad resists shrinking or cracking, even under harsh UV exposure. It withstands temperatures from -40ºF to 165ºF.

The EQUIPMENTGUARD AC pad is also lighter and easier to install than many competing plastic or rubber products. And it has a better appearance than plastic injection molded products, due to its seamless uniform texture and availability in multiple colors.

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