Carbo Ceramics

CARBOBEAD High-Performance Ceramic Media

CARBOBEAD high-performance ceramic scouring media is engineered to provide a unique combination of consistent thermal, physical and chemical properties that provide economic and performance advantages compared to various sand and other competing synthetic products used for metal casting production.
CARBOBEAD is engineered for superior strength and durability. These characteristics provide economic and performance advantages that improve overall scouring efficiency and final product quality.


  • High refractoriness
  • Low linear thermal expansion
  • Spherical shape with high hardness
  • High permeability
  • ​Chemically inert and non-hazardous, contains no crystalline silica


  • Withstands high temperature pours of various metal castings
  • Increases dimensional precision and ability to pour complex parts
  • Reduces expansion-related defects
  • Reduces casting cleaning times
  • Increases production, reduces particle breakdown and supports recycle use
  • Reduces gas related defects and associated costs
  • ​Lowers environmental, safety and health concerns

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