Carbo Ceramics

CARBOBOND KRYPTOSPHERE HD resin-coated high-density, ultra high-performance ceramic proppant

CARBOBOND KRYPTOSPHERE® HD is an ultra-conductive, high density ceramic proppant technology, specifically engineered for high closure stress and risk environments, including ultra-deepwater regions such as the Gulf of Mexico.  When proppant flowback is a concern, CARBOBOND technology will lock the conductivity in place.  It is designed for high cyclic loading tolerance, and reduces the effective stresses encountered at deeper depths.



  • CARBOBOND KRYPTOSPHERE HD provides an ultra-conductive,highdenisty proppant as the substrate
  • Specifically formulated for maximum compatibility with complicated frac fluids used in the deepest of wells 
  • Bonded proppant pack reduces effective stress on proppant 
  • High cyclic loading tolerance
  • Resin coating completely encapsulates substrate
  • Bonds in the fracture with temperature and closure 


  • Resiliant  - locks the high performance ceramic proppant in place, keeping the fracture open in the harshest of conditions
  • No proppant flowback—eliminates subsequent equipment damage, expense of cleanouts and disposal
  • Maintains conductivity—resin coating prevents fines from being released
  • Maintains particle integrity—prevents chemical attack on substrate
  • No additional chemical costs—since no fluid chemistry change is required, the job can be pumped as designed

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