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CARBONRT inert cement tracer technology enables the high definition evaluation of cement location behind casing in both vertical and horizontal wells.

CARBONRT inert cement tracer technology enables the high definition evaluation of cement location behind casing in both vertical and horizontal wells.

Our unique tracer technology enables the direct measurement cement location using standard neutron logs and our cement evaluation service.

The accurate measurements from the service allow for cement evaluation in standard casing designs, as well as through multiple casing strings.  This allows for evaluation of both primary cement jobs as well as cementing associated with remedial squeezes and casing repair.


  • Inert, permanent tracer that is safe and environmentally friendly—no special equipment, handling, permits or licenses required
  • Uniform distribution of tracer within each grain that can be premixed with dry cement or added on the fly as the cement is loaded.
  • Can be delivered in pellet (40/70 mesh) or powder (~325 mesh) form to the bulk plant for mixing similar to other cement dry additives
  • Detected is performed using standard neutron logging tools run at standard speeds


  • Cost-effective cement evaluation in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Identifies the cement coverage through multiple pipe strings
  • Provides a direct measurement of the cement regardless of cement recipe or type
  • Enables evaluation of top of cement as well as coverage along a horizontal lateral or in the build, allowing for mitigation measures prior to completing the well.
  • Does not impact cement integrity

Directly detect cement location and coverage

The accurate measurements from the service allow the identification of the top of cement as well as cement coverage along the pipe.  A precise understanding of cement coverage allows for remediation efforts prior to completion of the well.

Uniform tracer distribution for accurate measurements

CARBONRT technology is manufactured with a proprietary tracer uniformly distributed throughout each grain, which can then be blended into the dry cement before pumping. This assures consistent distribution of the tracer throughout the cement, enabling more accurate measurement of cement coverage.

High quality measurements anytime with standard tools
Our unique technology features an inert traceable material that has a high neutron capture cross section which is detectable with a standard, cost-effective neutron logging tool run. This makes the result a direct measurement of where cement is located, rather than an interpretation of cement bonding through indirect sonic measurements.

Detectable for the life of the well
With field-proven CARBONRT technology, there is no half-life deterioration of the detectable properties. Since the tracer is permanently identifiable, an operator has the flexibility of conducting cement evaluation whenever convenient or most cost-effective in the operation.  Since it does not require good cement across all strings, it can also be detected through tubing if necessary.

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