Carbo Ceramics
CARBO employs a proprietary infusion process that ensures that NBPT, DCD, and PKMe thoroughly penetrate
the urea granule completely protecting the urea from N loss while enhancing nutrient availability.
CARBO understands volatility and high prices in growers' input costs. With the ever-increasing demand
for food and fiber in a growing world, effective and efficient inputs must be precisely managed in order to
achieve maximum and quality yield while remaining cognizant in promoting a safer environment for all.

  • Straight Urea is more susceptible to volatilization and nitrification
  • Reduces volatilization of ammonia gas
  • Helps keep nitrogen source in its ammonium form longer allowing for the longest use of the available nitrogen
  • Nutrient enhancer that complexes positively charged nutrients in the soil promoting the increase in uptake of nutrients

NITREA 45NU PLUS Sample Request Form

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