FRACPRO XCHANGE onsite fracture monitoring software

FRACPRO XCHANGE software is optimized for the onsite display environment of pumping company fracture monitoring vans.

Choose the frac data you need, and the format to display it

FRACPRO XCHANGE software can display user configurable plots on multiple monitors. Customizable screens allow the operator to choose the data to display as well as the color and size of graphics and numerics. The display layout can be saved and transferred to other units. This allows a quick setup for the next job and uniformity from one van to the next. 

A powerful tool for frac van display

Our powerful monitoring software can display horizontal wells with multiple fracture treatments. One input file can be used for 50 separate stages in the well. FRACPRO XCHANGE software contains libraries of proppant and fluids used in the treatment.

Well schematic shows visual fluid transport and numeric display
Well schematic shows visual fluid transport and numeric display.

Complete compatibility, greater efficiency

FRACPRO XCHANGE and FRACPRO software share common files, allowing more compatibility and efficiency between field and office work. The monitoring software incorporates all of the acquisition, storage, display and plotting capabilities of FRACPRO software.

The built-in report tool creates a customizable summary of the operations, including plots, graphs and tables. It produces Word- or Excel-compatible outputs, and custom reports are possible.


  • Uses the same input file as FRACPRO software
  • Reliable data acquisition system
  • Flexible graphics options
  • Mini-Frac, DFIT and step-down test utilities


  • The power of FRACPRO software for plotting, graphs and reporting
  • Customizable display content on multiple monitors
  • Lower cost than the full version
  • Can be upgraded to the full FRACPRO software version

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