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Proppant-delivered production assurance

The GUARD family of proppant-delivered production assurance technologies brings you a highly efficient, effective and simple way to protect your well from production issues. The technology helps you maintain your optimal production rates and maximize ultimate recovery, efficiently and cost-effectively, by preventing flow assurance issues and protecting asset integrity to safeguard your production.

Safeguard the entire production system

The unique GUARD family of technologies enables our proppant to act as an advanced chemical delivery system. So now you can deliver highly effective production assurance treatments directly into the fracture— with no impact on fracture conductivity. With one simple treatment during fracturing operations, our technology provides long-term protection from the tip of your fracture throughout your entire production system.

Currently technologies available:

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology that provides long-term production assurance through the controlled release of scale-inhibiting chemicals only on contact with water protection.

SALTGUARD proppant‑delivered halite‑inhibiting technology prevents production impairment caused by halite scale deposits in the fracture through the wellbore and the surface production equipment and logistical requirements.

Reduce production maintenance costs

Each production assurance treatment can be engineered to last for the effective life of the well based on anticipated production profiles. Our technologies significantly reduce production maintenance requirements and costs, avoid workovers and eliminate the potential for catastrophic production system failures. Our SCALEGUARD technology has saved one operator in the Uinta over $160,000 per well in maintenance costs per year.

Scale Treatment Cost Comparison

Annual cost saving with SCALEGUARD technology compared to other scale treatments

Controlled chemical release

GUARD technology features a controlled release technology that ensures a predictable release of the infused chemical in the well. The controlled release technology provides a significant reduction in initial chemical washout followed by a controlled release, resulting in an extended elution profile. The technology also provides improved fracture fluid compatibility. 

More efficient and effective than alternative treatments

Our unique proppant-delivered technologies outperform other production assurance treatments which can be inefficient, expensive and required to be repeated due to their short effective periods:

  • Particulate chemical carriers placed in the fracture have high initial chemical release due to disintegration upon the application of closure stress
  • Initial and periodic chemical squeezes have high chemical flowback, which makes inhibition short-lived; the treatment needs to be repeated frequently to maintain the required minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC), resulting in high chemical consumption and costs
  • Continuous chemical injection has a higher chemical consumption than proppant-delivered technologies and the injection system needs to be maintained
  • Water injection and hot oil injection treatments have high ongoing logistical, environmental and operational costs

No impact on fracture conductivity or integrity

Our GUARD technologies are proppant-delivered so they have no impact on fracture conductivity, and they have the strength and durability to avoid the creation of fines. An engineered, uniformly distributed, interconnected porosity maintains the critical strength of the proppant while making it an effective chemical delivery mechanism. As the chemical is infused in a uniform manner throughout the porosity of the proppant pellet, you can place larger volumes of chemical in the fracture than you would experience with surface adhesion.

Address multiple issues in a single treatment

We are developing and commercializing technologies to deliver effective treatments to address common production issues. By blending multiple GUARD proppant-delivered production assurance technologies, we are able to create treatments to protect wells against any number of production issues in a single treatment.

A complete service for total production assurance

Our Production Services engineers each  GUARD solution based on the unique characteristics of your reservoir.  Our team provides wellsite services to ensure that each treatment is executed as designed, and evaluation services to confirm inhibitor levels are above specification—ensuring that each treatment provides long-lasting, cost‑effective protection. Our production services include:

Engineered solutions
  • Treatment design based off reservoir analysis and well productivity
  • Active chemical and concentrations selection
  • Base substrate proppant determination
  • GUARD technology to proppant ratio
Wellsite services
  • Precise blending of GUARD into base proppant
  • Treatment supervision and documentation
Evaluation services
  • Field sampling/wellsite testing
  • ​Production fluids analysis
  • Post-treatment laboratory evaluation and validation
  • Product longevity reporting

More ways to enhance your production
In addition to our proppant-delivered production assurance technologies we are also developing innovative proppant-delivered flow enhancement and proppant-delivered fracture evaluation technologies to help enhance production and increase recovery.


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