Carbo Ceramics

Case History

Case History

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CARBOGRIND ceramic media improves quality, increases efficiency and reduces costs for gold mining operation View
Cast media costs reduced by 55% per cubic foot and cleaning time lowered by 75% View
Casting defects eliminated, saving a billion-dollar casting project View
Ceramic grinding media reduces vertical mill component wear and maintenance costs for mining company View
Ceramic scouring media reduces media consumption, resulting in an estimated $700K savings per year View
Cleaning cost reduced while achieving high casting precision View
Diversion with CARBOBALL results in more uniform stimulation across low pressure reservoir View
Los costos de medios de fundición se redujeron un 55% por pie cúbico y el tiempo de limpieza se disminuyó un 75%. View
Los medios de molienda cerámico reducen el desgaste de los componentes internos de los molinos verticales y los costes de mantenimiento de una compañía minera View
Mining company reduces media consumption 50% by switching to CARBOGRIND ceramic grinding media View

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