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STIMPRO 2019 is packed with even more powerful matrix design and analysis features

Published Date: 8/19/2019
STIMPRO, the world’s most widely used matrix stimulation design and analysis software, provides capabilities to optimize all phases of acidizing work. STIMPRO 2019 includes even more powerful features, such as a machine learning model that eliminates the need for users to perform individual coreflood experiments for their HCl-based acid systems to model carbonate acidizing.

Some of the new enhancements include:
  • New semi-empirical model for carbonate acidizing which accounts for core size in the determination of optimum injection rate parameters
  • Updated acidizing model for chelating-agent-based fluids
  • Improved fluid invasion profile to view propagation of acidizing fluids in formation
  • All subscribers to STIMPRO Maintenance & Support will receive a free upgrade to STIMPRO 2019
View our What's New document or request a software demo to learn more about these updates.

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