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FRACPRO 2019 offers powerful new features for enhanced fracture model accuracy

Published Date: 2/18/2019
FRACPRO 2019, the latest version of the revolutionary hydraulic fracture engineering software, is now available. This version includes numerous useful new features, intended to improve ease-of-use, enhance users’ ability to access important information, and expedite design and diagnostic analysis.

Some of the new enhancements include:
  • FlexNet Publisher Licensing
  • Digital Display for seeing channels in real time
  • Stage Summary for reviewing parameters for each stage while a job is in progress
  • Layer Sensitive model option for more realistic fracture geometry
  • Cluster Efficiency screen to model variable flow distribution

Plus, we added several other modeling parameter details to enhance design accuracy. We've also incorporated input from our users to create a smoother user experience. View our What's New document or request a software demo to learn more about these updates.

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