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Deep gas Utica well utilizes KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology

Published Date: 2/28/2016
Author: CARBO

KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant technology has been successfully employed in the Utica by CONSOL Energy, a leading Appalachian basin producer.

This is the first well to utilize KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology and joins KRYPTOSPHERE HD technology as part of the KRYPTOSPHERE ultra-conductive proppant technology platform engineered to maximize hydrocarbon flow for the life of the well.

In this first application, KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology was used at a depth of approximately 13,500 feet.  Under these stress conditions, this technology was selected for its better economics, strength, improved proppant transport and increased propped fracture volume. KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology eliminated the need for gel and cross-linked fluids, leading to a reduction in overall completion cost. Initial production from the first well using KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology was prolific, flowing more than 61.9 MMcfd of natural gas in a 24 hour period and making it one of the highest producing wells in the Utica to date.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology is engineered to have the same characteristics as KRYPTOSPHERE HD technology – mono-sized with exceptional strength, durability and smoothness – providing high conductivity across the entire range of low to high stress well conditions. It significantly exceeds the conductivity of existing low-density proppant and reduces costly wear-and-tear on pressure pumping equipment, ultimately providing higher production and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).  In addition, the KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology provides higher conductivity, improved proppant transport and increased propped fracture volume compared to intermediate-density and bauxite ceramics.

"Integrating KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology into our completion design is an example of how CONSOL Energy has achieved the completion efficiency that has allowed us to showcase three of the top ten dry Utica well results to-date across the industry," remarked Kirby Walker, Director of Regional Operations, CONSOL Energy.

"Commercializing innovations like KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology that lower the operator's cost to produce oil and gas is a necessity in today's challenging environment," added Don Conkle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CARBO.  "Working with leading operators such as CONSOL Energy who make it possible to introduce such technologies affirms the investment CARBO is making in technologies that improve reservoir recovery and F&D costs."  More on KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology >

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