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CARBONRT ULTRA technology introduced to optimize sand stimulated completions

Published Date: 9/29/2015
Author: CARBO

CARBO announces the introduction of CARBONRT ULTRA technology, a new, easily detectable inert tracer technology for sand stimulated completions in vertical and horizontal wells.

CARBONRT ULTRA technology enables the detection and evaluation of near-wellbore proppant location and quantity.  This evaluation provides an accurate measurement of perforation cluster efficiency and near-wellbore connectivity to maximize ultimate recovery. Understanding proppant placement also supports the optimization of stage placement and proppant diversion. Information gathered from these diagnostics enables operators to reduce costs and ultimately improve their completions efficiency.

CARBONRT ULTRA technology is detectable with a standard neutron logging tool.  The tracer does not dissolve or wash away and is permanently identifiable, providing operators the flexibility to conduct post-fracture logging months or years after fracturing. CARBONRT ULTRA technology is blended at an engineered ratio with sand prior to or during pumping operations.

"CARBONRT ULTRA inert tracer technology represents another CARBO product commercialization designed to help operators intelligently complete their wells and reduce their finding and development costs," said John Lassek, director of production enhancement.

"Perforation clusters which have not been treated or have been overflushed during the completion results in lower EURs,” said Don Conkle, vice president sales and marketing. “CARBONRT ULTRA technology provides visibility to this and helps to support more cost effective completions which increase recovery factors."

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