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CARBO chosen for technical presentations at ATCE 2013

Published Date: 9/27/2013
Author: Frank Edwards Syfan Jr. | Terry T. Palisch | Jeffrey Carl Dawson

Out of more than 1,700 submissions worldwide, four technical papers authored by CARBO engineers and associates were chosen for presentation at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in New Orleans.

The selected presentations, with abstract summaries, are:

Development of Brittle Shale Fracture Network Model - Part 2: What is the Value of Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV)?  Authors: Amir M. Nejad, Ph.D., Robert F. Shelley, PE, Lyle V. Lehman, Koras Shah, Deepak Gusain, Matthew T. Conway, StrataGen, members of SPE

A North American Review of Commercial Shale Plays; Have We Learned Anything Besides Serendipity? Authors: R.F. Shelley, P.E., StrataGen; M. J. Mullen, Stimulation Petrophysics; W.A. Minner, P.E., StrataGen Copyright 2013, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Environmental Stewardship: Global Applications of a Non-Radioactive Method to Identify Proppant Placement and Propped Fracture Height. Authors: Robert J. Duenckel, Terry T. Palisch, Xiaoganag Han, Pedro Saldungaray, CARBO Ceramics, Inc Copyright 2013, Society of Petroleum Engineers

65 Years of Fracturing Experience: The Key To Better Productivity Is Not What We Have Learned But What We Have Forgotten and Failed To Utilize! Authors: Frank E. Syfan, Jr., SPE, GoFrac LLC, Terry T. Palisch, SPE, CARBO Ceramics Inc., and Jeffrey C. Dawson, SPE, Independence Oilfield Chemicals LLC Copyright 2013, Society of Petroleum Engineers

About the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition:

Since 1924, ATCE has been the leading technical conference in the E&P world. It brings together emerging technologies; state-of-the art innovations; leading-edge companies and organizations; and thousands of engineers, scientists, managers, and executives.

About the Society of Petroleum Engineers:

The SPE is the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. It offers opportunities for members to contribute to the profession through various programs and activities.

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