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Inert tracer technology expands into new markets and unique applications

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Clients are discovering the benefits of CARBONRT inert tracer technology in unique applications and new markets. This technology was recently employed in a North American well to verify that the well casing remained isolated from a nearby water treatment facility, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Also, CARBONRT technology was used in Argentina to measure the propped fracture height and confirm confinement of the hydraulic fracturing treatments within target boundaries. CARBONRT technology has now been employed for fracture diagnostics in 16 countries.

Optimize production and field development with high definition fracture measurements

Our unique CARBONRT inert tracer technology detects proppant placement and provides a direct measurement of propped fracture height.

The traceable material has a high neutron capture cross section and is detectable with a standard neutron log. This makes the result a direct measurement of where proppant is located, rather than an interpretation.

Simple and completely safe

Non-radioactive CARBONRT technology eliminates the significant QHSE requirements of radioactive-based evaluation and the limitation of their limited effective lifespan. It saves time and money because no special equipment, handling, training, permits or certifications are required. There is no mixing involved. Chemically inert CARBONRT technology doesn’t require any special disposal of unused or flowed back proppant.

Uniform distribution, accurate measurement

The proprietary tracer used in CARBONRT technology is uniformly distributed throughout each grain of proppant during the manufacturing process. This assures consistent distribution of the traceable marker throughout the near-wellbore fracture zone, enabling more accurate measurement of proppant coverage and propped frac height. Learn more

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