Carbo Ceramics



Build effective, long-term production assurance and environmental protection for every well

Through flow assurance and environmental protection products, you can significantly reduce production maintenance requirements and costs, avoid work-overs and eliminate the potential for failures, leaks and spills.

Production Solutions

Spill Prevention & Containment

Spill Prevention & Containment

Reduce environmental risks with advanced spill prevention and containment products and systems.

Proppant-delivered Production Assurance

Proppant-delivered Production Assurance

Technology that significantly reduces production maintenance requirements and costs, avoids workovers and eliminates the potential for production system failures.

Equipment & Ground Protection

Equipment & Ground Protection

Durable and seamless protection in a variety of conditions and applications.

SCALEGUARD scale-inhibiting technology

Watch this video to see how SCALEGUARD technology is placed throughout the entire fracture as part of the standard fracturing process, providing long term protection after just one application. 

GROUNDGUARD Pre-Fabricated Liner protects floors and the environment from drips, leaks and spills

Watch our Manufacturing Manager, Richard Thurston talk about how The GROUNDGUARD prefabricated liner creates an impermeable protective layer between the environment and hazardous fluids.

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