Carbo Ceramics

Effectively measuring propped fracture geometry in challenging unconventional wells

In its push to increase gas production, Saudi Arabia embarked on an ambitious and multi-faceted exploration and appraisal program, using hydraulic fracturing to target non-associated reserves in tight gas and shale reservoirs. Determining adequate geometry and conductivity of the propped fractures is paramount in the extremely low permeability reservoirs so that flow tests can be conducted in order to assess reservoir characteristics, quantify reserves and determine the economic viability of a potential development program. The wells were completed with dual casing strings across the zone of interest and high natural gamma ray radiation levels were expected in the shale wells, both of which could restrict accurate detection of of tracer technologies. 

Read full case history to learn how CARBONRT provided valuable insight for future fracture designs comparing both PNC and CNL results in the same wellbore.

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