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Acting on modeling insight more than doubles gas production - Marcellus Shale

A non-operating interest holder in a horizontal Marcellus project was concerned that their completions were under-designed and not producing at potential. The questions they had were as follows: • How effective are these completions? • How would these wells produce if they were completed and fracture stimulated more effectively? • What are the primary drivers that control well production and recovery? • How significant is geology and reservoir characteristics on well production? The objective was to determine the increased production from the use of more effective completion design for minimal cost and without experimenting on actual wells. Experimenting on actual wells is problematic not only because of cost but also due to the lack of information required to normalize out the effects of well-to-well differences in reservoir characteristics. 

Read full case history to learn how the addition of STRATAGEN more than doubled gas production in the Marcellus Shale.

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