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Fracture mapping set to deliver $50m of value in the Wilcox sands

Pemex is actively developing the Arcabuz-Culebra field in the Burgos basin and were seeking to improve the return on investment from the field. Long hydraulic fractures can significantly increase well productivity in these low permeability sands. The elliptical drainage patterns in these wells require accurate knowledge of fracture direction to optimize well spacing.
Well spacing and location is controlled by the in-situ stress-state, reservoir permeability, and fault distribution and orientation. Local variations in pore pressure due to compartmentalization or offsetting production can result in large variations in stress that can significantly impact reservoir production, fracture geometry and fracture direction.
Well placement strategy in the Culebra portion of the field should be based on fracture drainage patterns consistent with regional stress orientation (NNE-SSW). From geomechanical modeling studies performed, fracture azimuths in the Arcabuz portion of the field are expected to propagate parallel to the nearest fault. 

Read the full case history to learn how the integration of STRATAGEN has helped to improve fracture design saving over $11 million. 

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