Carbo Ceramics

Optimized fracture program increases production, lowers costs in tight offshore pay zone

A North Sea Operator’s extended-reach field development program targets the Lower Cretaceous “dirty chalk” reservoir characterized by low permeabilities that require effective stimulation for economic drainage. Typically, the operator drills 16,000-ft laterals, with the toe completed using an acid stimulated limited entry, predrilled liner, and the upper 10,000 ft of lateral completed with 12 to 14 propped fracture stages. As part of its evolving completion and stimulation strategy, the operator was using 500,000 to 1 million lb of 20/40 natural sand in each stage, greatly exceeding stimulation vessel capacity. In addition to the on-site logistical challenges and costs, stimulation results from several wells showed substandard, and possibly uneconomic, production rates. Thus, a multi-disciplinary study was launched to evaluate all facets of the completion and stimulation program, including the fracture design and execution strategy.

Read full case history to learn how the contribution of CARBOLITE increased fracture conductivity by roughly 50%. 

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