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Protect your assets, the environment and your worksite

Our proprietary GROUNDGUARD liner has been used throughout North America for Transformer and other secondary containment applications. Our lining solution creates an impermeable barrier that is highly puncture resistant and able withstand harsh UV and weather conditions.  

GROUNDGUARD EZ Deploy containment Kit, provides a fully customizable containment solution that can be installed without the use of specialized spray equipment. Our standard kits include GROUNDGUARD liner, Cee Purlin walls, and AGP 1150 hand-mix Polyurea.  

GROUNDGUARD EZ Deploy is ideal for remote locations or when site and safety restrictions limit third-party contractor access.  

GROUNDGUARD EZ Deploy Containment Kit Benefits:

•No specialized tools, equipment, or third-party contractors required, reducing overall costs 

•Simple installation in remote locations, or sites with limited access 

•Increases efficiencies associated with job management 

•Over 29 million square feet have been produced and proven durable in harsh industrial conditions. 


•Chemically inert, environmentally friendly, contains no Volatile Organic Compounds VOC's 

•Suitable for NSF 61 potable water applications 

•Engineered and tested to resist tearing, puncturing and most chemicals 

•Retains properties after years of exposure to UV light and extreme weather 

•GROUNDGUARD Liner far outlasts less durable alternative liners such as HDPE, LLDPE, PVC and EPDM 

•Lays flat for easy install, reducing trip hazards 

•Maintenance-free, easy to clean and reusable 

•Lowers total cost of ownership with a proven life of 20+years 

•Seamless waterproofing membrane has excellent impact and abrasion resistance for harsh environments 

Cee Purlin Walls:

•12" galvanized 12 gauge surface mounted steel walls 

•Customize to fit your job size and application 

•Quick and easy to install 

•Reusable - when the job is done, pack up your kit and use it on your next location 


AGP 1150 Hand-mix Polyurea:

•Easy to apply with brush, roller, trowel or putty knife 

•Convenient 1:1 mix ratio 

•Excellent abrasion resistance 

•Quick same day re-coat 

•100% solids, contain zero VOC's 


Environmental Product Applications

Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

A range of durable, maintenance-free equipment protection pads are constructed with a proprietary coating that provides superior protection for equipment, the site and the workplace.

Spill Prevention & Containment

Spill Prevention & Containment

Reduce environmental risks with advanced spill prevention and containment products and systems.

Spill Absorbent Solutions

Spill Absorbent Solutions

A line of absorbent solutions for fast and safe cleaning and remediation of spills.

Ground Protection

Ground Protection

Durable & impermeable liner prevents leaks & seepage in oilfield, agricultural or commercial settings.

From Kevin Pankey of SilverBack Industries

When using GROUNDGUARD as a pond liner for a large acreage pond:

"We have used AssetGuard for a number of large and small projects. The product is always exactly what is specified for our projects and delivered on time. The support from the sales is second to none!!"

From Ryan T., VP Operations, North Dakota

"As an above ground water storage tank manufacturer and contractor, I have used many of the different types of water storage covers that are out there.  All of them had problems.  The AQUAGUARD lid system from ASSETGUARD provided a better solution.  ASSETGUARD offered me a custom designed lid system that is durable, easy to install, resistant to high winds, and provides unmatched R-value to keep water warm during the extreme winter weather in North Dakota."

Versatile and durable liner technology

GROUNDGUARD impermeable liner technology tested in some of the most grueling conditions can withstand vehicle traffic, little leaks and spills to full fluid containment. 

SHOPGUARD - Easy to roll out flooring

SHOPGUARD flooring does not require professional installation—you simply unroll the SHOPGUARD material and trim to fit the space



February 26 - March 01, 2023

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