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Bringing the world's leading fertilizer technology to our farmlands

CARBO applies our core competencies including proprietary technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing capability to develop a broad range of fertilizer products for our leading agriculture technology companies. These innovative products deliver the most effective and sustainable fertilizers that economically and safely delivery greater crop yields to the world.

Building on our core strengths

CARBO has the ability to manufacture the world's leading fertilizers by utilizing our core strengths that have been proven to produce and commercialize new technologies for over 40 years.

Customer Experience

Our team is passionate about bringing value to our customers and the markets in which they serve. To do this, we focus on customer collaboration, understanding the customers’ markets and challenges, delivering world-class customer service and keeping a personal commitment to the quality in every product we deliver.

Customer Experience

Materials Science

CARBO has an in-depth understanding how the combination of minerals, chemicals and applied physics can work together to create high-performing product solutions for our clients in a range of industries.

Materials Science

Manufacturing Expertise

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience that includes state-of-the-art facilities and process expertise, we ensure the highest quality products are manufactured to deliver value to our customers.

Manufacturing Expertise

Technology Solutions

Our technology and product development begins with our customers’ end application in mind and ensuring we deliver a solutions-focused product that addresses their challenges and objectives. Over the last 40 years, we’ve commercialized numerous breakthrough technologies spanning various industries.

Technology Solutions

Strategic partnerships with a common goal to deliver the advancement in fertilization to our farmers

Improve farming economics

  • Improve crop yields within same farming footprint
  • Advanced fertilizers can reduce volumes required due to enhanced effectiveness of treatment
  • Multi-component fertilizers disperse or initiate major and micro-nutrients in a single application, requiring less handling of multiple fertilizer types

Enhance effectiveness of fertilizer

  • Multi-functional fertilizers that address major and micro-nutrients 
  • Improve extraction of available nutrients present in the soil
  • Control the release of nutrients effectively, avoiding run-off and waste

Protect the health of our farmlands, communities and consumers

  • Reduce leaching and loss of nutirents and avoid excess nutrient-rich water flows into rivers, streams, and lakes
  • Address potential drinking water contamination
  • Improve plant health and growth to benefit consumers
Protect the health of our farmlands, communities and consumers

Encapsulated Infused Fertilizer (EIF) Technology

Nutrients delivered: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium
Manufactured for: INNOVAR AG, LLC

Smart Fertilizers

Nutrients delivered: Phosphate
Manufactured for: A leading sustainable technology

Environmentally-friendly micronutrient fertilizer

Nutrients delivered: Micronutrient
Manufactured for: A leading agricultural supplier and

Products we manufacture and sell:



Kaolin-based porous granules ready to be infused and/or coated with fertilizer or chemicals

InnoSolve 45N

InnoSolve 45N

The most cost-effective, broad spectrum Encapsulated Infused Fertilizer (EIF) fertilizer technology in the market.

From Andrew Semple, CEO of Innovar

With the strategic partnership to produce the most effective, broad spectrum fertilizer technology:

"Combining our knowledge and experience in EEF technologies with CARBO's extensive material science and precision manufacturing capabilities was critical in allowing us to develop InnoSolve 45N"

From small test runs to large-scale manufacturing

With high capacity, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, CARBO has the capability for any size production run, up to hundreds of millions of pounds annually. Full laboratory, analytical and quality control resources are available to be sure the products are right the first time. With CARBO manufacturing, we have the ability to produce a wide variety of agricultural granule products to fit your needs.
From small test runs to large-scale manufacturing

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February 03-05, 2020

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