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WEBINAR: The KRYPTOSPHERE Story - Increased Profitability through Engineered Proppant
This webinar is available at two times on August 29th. Please select preferred time and proceed with registration. 

Webinar dates and times:
  • Live event:  Thu, Aug 29, 2019—8:30 AM - 9:00 AM CDT
  • Live event: Thu, Aug 20, 2019—3:00 PM - 3:30 PM CDT
  • Webinar replay: Available anytime after May 23, 2019, sign up today! 

Register to hear us discuss the development and proven track record of the advanced ceramic proppant platform. Originally developed in a high density form to address operator concerns with the extreme conditions found in the Gulf of Mexico’s ultra-deepwater Lower Tertiary formations, the mono-sieve, superior shape, high durability proppant technology has also been transferred to a low density profile for use in moderate to high stress applications. The presentation will discuss how this proppant technology improves productivity, decreases completion costs and is being applied in multiple basins across the globe. 

Following the presentation, there will be time dedicated for Q&A. 

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