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Webinar: Revealed Part 1: Understanding the Full Benefits of Switching to an Alternative, Non-Crystalline Silica Casting Media
Webinar date and time:
  • Live Event: Tuesday, March 10th, 2020, 8:30 - 9:00 am CDT
  • Webinar replay: Available anytime after March 10, 2020, Sign up today!
During this informative 30 min webinar, you’ll gain a better understanding on the:

1) Various casting processes that ceramic casting media can be utilized in along with case examples on process improvements observed by foundry users
2) Reclamation and system upgrades for various casting processes, including differences on equipment and transport requirements from sand to ceramic
3) Sources of crystalline silica post-conversion including mold wash, parting powder, resin and understanding silica in media

Make sure to sign up for Revealed Part II, which will continue with a deep dive on the cost and ROI analysis when converting to ceramic media versus staying with silica sand as well as reviewing the differences in material properties that affect end-product quality such as thermal, sieve distribution, permeability and more.   

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