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Single-treatment scale prevention sustains production: Utah

Owing to the persistent build-up of carbonate and sulfate scales in its Greater Monument Butte Unit (GMBU) wells in Utah’s Uinta Basin, the operator relied on liquid phosphonates and particulate-based inhibitors to prevent production restricting deposits, which nonetheless continue to re-emerge.
Within the GMBU, excessive volumes of produced water are intensified by a long history of waterflooding, causing scale to form quickly and frequently, effectively seizing rod pumps and downhole tubulars in a matter of days. Compounding the reduced production, persistent scale build-up can reach the point where a squeeze is the only option, requiring rod and other downhole hardware be pulled, which can conservatively cost up to $25,000 per treatment. Thus, the operator sought an alternative and longer-lasting solution that would sustain oil production for multiple years without the frequent remediation.

Read full case history to learn more about how scaleguard sustains production with no downhole scaling issues. 

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