Carbo Ceramics

CARBOAIR enables the effective completion of a long open hole gravel pack (OHGP) in the North Sea

Offset wells in this field offshore the Shetland Islands have been completed with CARBOLITE low-density ceramic proppant applying the Alpha-Beta wave technique and slick water. While past operations provided good results, a planned well presented new challenges and tested the limits of the technique. The new well featured an uphill heel to toe trajectory with a maximum angle of 103⁰ and 250 ft up dip over the length of the lateral. As a result, simulations showed higher-than-usual pump rates to carry the gravel in the uphill section would be needed, generating high bottom hole pressure that would risk breaking down the formation and possible incomplete gravel pack. The length of the lateral (4,850 ft) and significant washouts experienced in the 8 ½” section further compounded to the challenge.

Read full case history to learn how CARBOAIR helped to effectively complete a long OHGP in the North Sea. 

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