Carbo Ceramics


A low-density proppant solution for slickwater systems

World Oil, September 2018

Slickwater systems tend to have low viscosity, which can attribute to difficulty with effectively suspending and transporting proppant in a fracture. Accordingly, a new, low-density proppant has been developed to enhance the transport capability in slickwater fluids and provide increased fracture conductivity.

CARBO developed CARBOAIR, a low-density proppant to enhance its transport capabilities in slickwater fluids, as well as provide increased fracture conductivity. To date, higher production and EUR have been observed in the field, as a result of the higher fracture contact and conductivity delivered by the proppant. Its lightweight characteristics allow it to achieve longer effective half-lengths and greater frac height. Ultimately, the proppant enables operators to make use of more efficient completion designs with potentially smaller fracture designs (less proppant mass leading to less water, etc.), delivering the same or improved production.

Author(s): Lee Reynaud

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