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New immobile proppant system bonds without closure stress

Offshore, September 2018

In deepwater wells, re-pressurization is eventually required to maintain an economically favorable production rate. Conventional proppant, over time, washes out of the annulus, creating voids and allowing ingress of formation fines. This results in required injection pressure rates too high to be economically viable. Two major operators approached CARBO to find a solution, initiating the Water Injection Soft Sands (WISS) project. The solution developed became known as FUSION technology due to the combination of four technologies: a new resin coating applied to a lightweight ceramic substrate, a chemical activator that could be run in the proppant slurry and an internal tracer placed inside the proppant during manufacturing. CARBO also created a proprietary method to evaluate the quality of the annular pack to establish where voids occurred in the pack.

Author(s): Daryl Johnson

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