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Prevention of Halite Formation and Deposition in Horizontal Wellbores: A Multi Basin Developmental Study


Halite scale is a wide spread problem throughout several basins in the United States. This scale can form in surface equipment, downhole tubulars as well as affecting production. Traditional remediation of halite can be accomplished by dissolving the scale in fresh water as well as recycled water. In most cases the operator must factor in the cost of fresh water, trucking, manpower, anti-scale additives, and disposal of additional produced water. These treatments are often frequent with multiple applications per week.
The approach described in this paper will prevent the formation of halite scale for a given period of time. This is accomplished through the use of a new porous ceramic proppant-based chemical delivery system in which a halite inhibitor is infused. The infused halite inhibitor is encapsulated with a semi-permeable membrane to regulate the elution rate of the inhibitor from the porous proppant carrier. The chemical delivery system is added to the bulk proppant as a small weight percentage of the bulk proppant and is placed in the fracture as normal proppant.
Several wells in the multiple basins for several E&P companies were completed using this new chemical delivery system, which allowed for a significant amount of halite inhibitor to be placed within the proppant pack. As fluids flowed over the proppant pack the halite inhibitor was slowly released. This paper intends to describe the mechanism for which the inhibitor acts, the control release mechanism of the substrate and the engineering behind the placement and volumes of the halite infused proppant. This paper will also discuss the data collected from laboratory modeling and the implementation of these products in fracturing applications. The use of this chemical delivery system will allow these operators to defer remediation, lowering lease operating expenses.
This paper will be useful to all production and completions engineers and technicians operating in an area with halite scale issues. This new chemical delivery system allows for deferred implementation of traditional remediation strategies while extending the most productive time of the wells life. This halite inhibitor delivery system not only improves estimated ultimate recovery but also lowers lease operating expenses.

Authors: Jeff Hebert | Josh Leasure | Pedro Saldungaray | Carbo Ceramics

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