Carbo Ceramics



Proven proppant technologies engineered with the E&P's ultimate recovery in mind

Utilizing our petrotechnical, materials science, chemistry and manufacturing expertise, we integrate flow enhancement technologies into the fracture to deliver treatments directly into the reservoir.

Flow Assurance Solutions

Proppant-delivered Flow Enhancement

Proppant-delivered Flow Enhancement

Increase production and recovery by freeing your fracture of water and water-based fluids with proppant-delivered flow enhancement technology.

Proppant-delivered Production Assurance

Proppant-delivered Production Assurance

Technology that significantly reduces production maintenance requirements and costs, avoids workovers and eliminates the potential for production system failures.

Proppant Pack Consolidation

Proppant Pack Consolidation

Proppant pack consolidation technology that creates a bonded, high integrity proppant pack with or without closure stress.

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