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KRYPTOSPHERE LD helps enhance production in high-stress Colombia well

Historically, extremely low relative permeability and fluid buildup at the wellhead (condensate banking) have been the primary contributors to restricted production of many wells in Colombia’s Llanos Foothills. While hydraulic fracturing is acknowledged as effectively addressing these and other issues, high in-country costs prompted an operator to identify advanced technologies to enhance well performance and reduce costs, with proppant selection a central focus. In an area where wells are drilled to 16,000 ft TVD (19,000 ft MD), high closure stresses put a premium on exceptionally conductive proppant, and one that likewise can deliver transport capacity and not erode pumping and related equipment.

Read full case history to find out how KRYPTOSPHERE LD delivered appreciably higher conductivity, improved preliminary production rates and increased transport efficiency without the added costs of other abrasive proppants. 

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