Carbo Ceramics

Tail-in with CARBOAIR ceramic proppant improves reservoir drainage, extends productive life of well

The effective stimulation of a “wildcat” well with a thin gross pay (100 ft. section gross interval) in the 2nd Bone Springs formation. The operator drilled this well based upon vertical open hole log data from a nearby well. There were no wells within six square miles when this well was drilled. Typical high pump rate slickwater fracs with 100 mesh and 40/70 mesh sand are common in the area. The design goal was to achieve a greater propped frac half-length in the formation to optimize the thin gross pay, with the intent to flatten production decline in this marginal area. 

Read full case history to see how CARBOAIR attributed to the increased contact area due to improved effectiveness, transportability and higher fracture conductivity. 

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