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Technology Solutions

Always begins with our customers’ end application and performance objectives in mind

Innovative technology has been a hallmark of CARBO throughout the company's history

Applying breakthrough technology has provided a competitive advantage for numerous products in various industries. We provide advanced technological capabilities for the development of client products as well.

Solutions-based focus

For any industry or application, our technological and product development efforts focus on meeting specific challenges and objectives to create value-added, market-driven solutions.

Dedicated Technology Center

The CARBO Technology Center is a unique facility where we develop and evaluate advanced technologies and methods that lead to innovative, market-leading products. The center leverages the power of an extensive array of analytical equipment and the broad-based expertise of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists. Our purpose is to deliver solutions and processes for targeted applications, not just materials research.

CARBO technology solutions

•  Meet specific client challenges and objectives
•  Leverage multi-disciplinary expertise
•  Create value-added, market-driven solutions
•  Commercialize new products
•  Improve and optimize existing products
•  Optimize techniques for efficient manufacturing


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Manufacturing Solutions through Partnerships

Interested in partnering to develop or commercialize a product? Check out CARBO's specialized Manufacturing Solutions.


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