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Approach & Values

Our Approach

Do it right the first time

The CARBO way of doing business is to ‘do it right the first time.’
This approach applies equally to how each of us conducts our own business, and to the solutions that we provide our clients:
  • It is central to our core values
  • It guides our business practices
  • It stands as the foundation for our involvement within the communities where we operate.
Our approach means that we as a company perform with economical, environmental and social concerns in mind.
A commitment for the long-term
As the world’s population continues to grow, the global need for energy continues to increase. CARBO is at the forefront of developing technologies that enable production of oil and natural gas from reserves that were not previously economically viable.
Wherever we operate, we always seek to be a good neighbor, mitigating the environmental impact of our production processes and striving to be a safe and fulfilling place to work. It is our goal to be responsible stewards who ‘do the right thing’ with all to which we have been entrusted.

Our Values

We help our clients succeed by working within the framework established by our core values:
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) - We are committed to a safe and healthy workplace and protection of the environment
Ethics - We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We are truthful and honor our commitments and responsibilities
Respect - We foster a supportive environment by treating each other with mutual respect and understanding
Goals - We set aggressive goals and strive to exceed them
Results - We value and celebrate a high level of individual achievement and team performance
Profitable growth - We encourage innovation and continuous improvement to ensure future profitable business growth.

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