Технологии и инновации

Technology and innovation

Through focused investment in research and development we ensure the highest levels of proppant quality and performance, and are leading the way in proppant-delivered production enhancement.

Multi-discipline expertise

The CARBO Technology Center is a unique facility that enables us to develop and evaluate advanced proppant products. Utilizing an extensive array of analytical equipment, the center is critical in helping to improve and optimize our existing product line and bringing the industry new and innovative proppant-delivered solutions.

The Technology Center brings together a wide range of knowledge from different disciplines, including expertise in material science, polymer technology, oilfield chemistry, fluid systems and nuclear logging. Chemists and chemical engineers contribute a depth of expertise in polymers and coating science while geologists, ceramic engineers and materials scientists add their critical knowledge of the understanding of ceramic materials.

Industry collaboration and leadership

Through testing and analysis, and using a range of laboratory equipment, our experts focus on delivering new proppant technologies to optimize production.

We often work alongside other laboratories and universities to drive knowledge and best practices forward, and often also work closely with operators in order to develop new products that deliver solutions to their unique requirements.

Thanks to our innovations and expertise, CARBO holds patents covering key proppant technologies. We continue to invest in technology, and are continually growing our commitment to develop and manufacture the very best proppant products available.