Production enhancement solutions

The unique combination of reservoir characteristics of each stimulated conventional and unconventional play and the operator’s production and economic objectives all demand a unique approach.

We integrate unique technologies and intellectual capital to deliver higher production and increased EUR from every fracture, helping our clients to design, build and optimize the frac. The result: a lower total finding and development cost per BOE.

A unique approach to increase ROI

Design the frac: Fracture software

We help clients design optimal fractures and safeguard execution using our industry-leading FRACPRO fracture design, analysis and monitoring software. Our solutions will help maximize recovery and increase ROI.
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Build the frac: Fracture technologies

Our high quality, high performance proppant ensures enhanced conductivity and greater hydrocarbon flow for the life of the well, enabling clients to build better fractures. We can further enhance flow, assure long-term production and assist clients to evaluate fractures with our proprietary proppant-delivered production assurance, flow enhancement and fracture evaluation technologies and services.
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Optimize the frac: Fracture consulting services

Our STRATAGEN fracture consulting services enable clients to optimize fracture designs, execution and field development. The portfolio of services includes fracture design and evaluation, onsite fracture advisory and supervision and well performance analysis services, identifying the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the reservoir and safeguarding fracture execution.
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