Deepwater challenges

Deepwater production enhancement

The huge investment required to develop deepwater wells means that high production rates and maximizing recovery is essential to accelerating and maximizing ROI.

Our technology innovations are helping to solve critical deepwater completion and production challenges and to safeguard these valuable assets. These technologies have been specifically engineered to meet the demands of producing from these high-closure stress reservoirs while reducing risk and costs.

Improve deepwater fracture conductivity

KRYPTOSPHERE more space to flow
KRYPTOSPHERE HD ultra-conductive, high-density proppant has been engineered to sustain high levels of fracture conductivity at ultra-high closure stresses to achieve the highest production and recovery rates in deepwater wells.

The technology has the strength and durability to withstand extreme stress cycling conditions to safeguard long-term fracture conductivity.

Key technologies: KRYPTOSPHERE HD

Maintain production rates and reduce production assurance costs

SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology

A single, highly-cost effective application of SCALEGUARD proppant-delivered scale-inhibiting technology can be engineered to prevent scale formation throughout the entire production system —for the life of the well. The technology safeguards production rates and avoids expensive chemical injection treatments or interventions, and equipment failures.

Key technologies: SCALEGUARD

Increase deepwater production and injection rates

FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology

Pressure management is often required to allow operators to capture the full potential of deepwater reserves, however production and injection rates often have to be restricted to protect frac pack integrity.
FUSION proppant pack consolidation technology enables the creation of a bonded, high-integrity, proppant pack with or without closure stress. The technology prevents proppant washout from the annulus and near-wellbore area, which can result in the loss of well connectivity.

Key technologies: FUSION

Fracture evaluation and optimization

CARBONRT inert tracer technology

Verifying near-wellbore connectivity, proppant placement, and propped fracture height reduces uncertainty and provides measurements to optimize deepwater completion, production, and field development.
CARBONRT inert tracer technology enables near-wellbore fracture measurements and evaluation to be performed at any time during the life of the well without the environmental, regulatory and safety risks of radioactive tracers.

Key technologies: CARBONRT


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