Ceramic proppant

The high performance choice

The CARBO portfolio of high quality, high performance ceramic proppant and unique fracture technologies enables our clients to build fractures that maintain the optimal balance of contact and conductivity for the life of the well.

Our technologies and services also overcome issues that can lead to reduced production and recovery, and expensive well servicing. As a result, choosing CARBO high performance proppant and fracture technologies leads to greater hydrocarbon flow and a lower F&D cost per BOE.

Increase production with no increase in AFE

With an optimal fracture design, choosing CARBO high performance proppant can achieve increased production and EUR with no increase in AFE, while any additional initial proppant investment will have a fast payback. This makes CARBO the choice for production and economic performance.

Higher performance in realistic conditions

Our wide range of high quality, high performance proppant is manufactured to have a low internal pellet porosity, so that it is strong and durable enough to withstand pressure cycling and avoid the creation of fines. That means the proppant will maintain more space to flow for the life of the well.

Ceramic proppant benefits

Wells that have been fractured with CARBO high performance ceramic proppant consistently exhibit improved production of oil and gas in a variety of reservoir conditions, as well as lower finding and development cost per BOE.

Industry-proven production performance

A study of production rates published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers has shown that the combination of the strength, uniform size and shape of engineered ceramic proppant provide higher production performance than other types of proppant (SPE 77675).

Numerous case studies and field trials have consistently demonstrated:

  • 20% + increase in initial production rates
  • 20% + increase in estimated ultimate recovery (EUR)
  • Improved rates of return
  • Rapid payout on initial investment (often in just weeks or months)
  • Lower finding and development costs per BOE for E&P companies
  • Accelerated recovery times

Enhance and maintain more space to flow

In addition to our portfolio of high performance, high quality proppant CARBO has developed proprietary proppant-delivered production enhancement technologies and services to help our clients to assure production, further enhance flow and evaluate their fractures to inform field development.

Proppant-delivered production assurance | Proppant-delivered fracture evaluation service  | Proppant-delivered flow enhancement


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