KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant

KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant technology significantly exceeds the conductivity, compressive strength and durability of existing low-density proppant.
In addition, KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology provides comparable and, in many cases, higher conductivity than intermediate-density and bauxite ceramics while delivering improved proppant transport and increased propped fracture volume.
The higher flow rates and larger propped volume increases recovery and return on investment, thereby lowering finding and development costs per barrel of oil equivalent.


  • Precision-engineered, strong, durable, round, mono-sized and smoother proppant grains
  • Single-mesh-sized product manufactured to any size required to suit well conditions
  • Significantly higher baseline conductivity compared to typical intermediate and low-density ceramic proppant
  • Extraordinary strength and durability compared to standard low-density ceramic proppant
  • Excellent roundness, sphericity and smoothness for less erosivity


  • Creates a frac with more uniform pore throats and more space for hydrocarbon flow
  • Maintains the highest flow rates and levels of conductivity for the productive life of the frac
  • Reduces flow path tortuosity to reduce non-Darcy impacts and improve overall conductivity
  • Improved proppant transport and higher propped fracture volume compared to intermediate-density proppant
  • Significantly less erosion during pumping and minimizes wear-and tear on equipment and tools

A step-change in performance

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology creates more space for hydrocarbon flow which results in the highest levels of production and recovery across the entire range of low and high stress conditions.

The significantly higher baseline conductivity compared to typical intermediate- and low-density ceramic proppant maintains the highest flow rates and extends the productive life of the frac.

Conductivity comparison KS LD25 v comparable mesh products
Conductivity comparison KS LD35 v comparable mesh products

Sustains conductivity after stress-cycling

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology has a high crush-resistance and withstands stress-cycling to ensure that fracture conductivity, integrity and connectivity are sustained long-term to optimize production.
KRYPTOSPHERE conductivity after 5 stress cycles

Lower beta factor and pressure drop

The spherical, smooth and uniform size characteristics of KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology creates a frac with more uniform flow paths. The reduced flow path tortuosity minimizes the pressure drop due to non-Darcy flow effects across the fracture which further enhances overall conductivity, flow rates and ultimate recovery.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD25 Beta Factor comparisons
KRYPTOSPHERE LD35 Beta Factor comparisons

Exceptional microstructure for increased strength and durability

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology has an exceptionally low and uniformly distributed internal porosity which creates a proppant with extraordinary compressive strength and durability.

KRYPTOSPHERE LD whole and cross section

Standard low-density ceramic proppant

High internal porosity with irregular distribution dramatically reduces strength leading to the creation of fines that rapidly reduce conductivity and production.

Typical low density ceramic proppant whole and cross section

Precisely manufactured to any size required to suit well conditions

KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology is a single-mesh-sized product that can be manufactured at the optimal size for your fracture design and reservoir conditions.

KRYPTOSPHERE single mesh size technology

Low-density advantages in higher closure stress conditions

For increased crush resistance in higher closure stress conditions compared to KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology, CARBO offers KRYPTOSPHERE XT advanced, ultra-conductive, low-density ceramic proppant technology that provides additional strength and durability to further withstand these well conditions.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

Overview of CARBO fracture and proppant technologies to help you build the optimal solution for your well.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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