Fracture technologies overview

The performance choice

CARBO CERAMICS & TECHNOLOGIES is our fracture technologies business and is the world’s largest supplier of ceramic proppant. CARBO has been at the forefront of proppant innovation since 1987.

The CARBO portfolio of high quality, high performance proppant and unique fracture technologies helps our clients build and maintain the optimal balance of contact and conductivity. Our technologies and services overcome issues that can lead to reduced production and recovery, and expensive well servicing.  As a result, choosing CARBO high performance proppant and fracture technologies leads to lower F&D cost per BOE.

With an optimal fracture design, choosing CARBO high performance proppant can achieve increased production and EUR with no increase in AFE, while any additional initial proppant investment will have a fast payback. This makes CARBO the choice for production and economic performance.

Our fracture technologies portfolio includes

High quality, high performance proppant – Build fractures with the highest level of conductivity and the optimal contact in any reservoir to create more space to flow and long-term durability, delivering higher production, increased recovery and improved return on investment.

Proppant-delivered production assurance – Safeguard the fracture and production systems from scale deposit and other production impediments efficiently and for the long-term with simple proppant-delivered production assurance well treatments.

Proppant-delivered flow enhancement – Increase effective fracture length, conductivity and permeability by avoiding trapped water and water-based fluids in proppant pack pore throats, and reduce pressure drops caused by multiphase flow effects.

Proppant-delivered evaluation service – Use safe, high-definition detection of proppant location and measurement of propped fracture height to efficiently optimize fracture design, stage and perforation spacing, and to better understand near-wellbore connectivity.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

Overview of CARBO fracture and proppant technologies to help you build the optimal solution for your well.

Fracture and proppant technology matrix

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