AQUAGUARD water storage insulation panels

The AQUAGUARD maintenance-free modular water storage cover panels are engineered to provide stable, durable and long-lasting insulation for above- or in-ground water holding tanks.

Engineered for protection against weather extremes

An AQUAGUARD modular system protects against water freezing in cold environments and evaporating in warm environments. AQUAGUARD panels are constructed with a low-density thermal EPS core encapsulated in a proprietary formulation of 60 mil polyurea. The materials provide an R-Value of 4.1 per inch for a total R-Value of 12.3 per 3" thick panel. The panels are designed to withstand temperatures from 200°F to -40°F.
An integrated strapping system binds panels tightly together for a secure installation that has been tested to withstand winds of 50+ mph. Other water cover systems can be displaced or even blown away by wind.

AQUAGUARD water storage insulation panels

Interlocking system virtually eliminates evaporative losses

The tightly interlocking AQUAGUARD system forms a barrier that decreases liquid loss due to evaporation by up to 99% (ASTM E96-16 Water Vapor Transmission [WVT] = 1.72 g/hr*m2).

Extreme strength, with light weight

AQUAGUARD panels are available in sizes and shapes to fit virtually any rectangular or circular water storage tank. Low density and light weight make them easy to install with no special tools required. The proprietary AQUAGUARD modified polyurea coating has a proven useful life of 20+ years in grueling oilfield conditions including chemical and harsh UV exposure, making it far superior to HDPE products.

In addition, AQUAGUARD exhibits low water absorption. Even in the event of damage to the polyurea coating, the EPS foam core will absorb no more than 2-4% liquid by volume—ensuring the panels stay afloat.

Engineered pad and attachment designs create a more effective barrier

A floating AQUAGUARD system adjusts constantly to changing water levels. The AQUAGUARD design allows rainwater to pass freely into the water below yet also reduces odor emissions. It prevents organic growth such as algae and weeds and also wards off waterfowl landings.

Suitable for a variety of oil & gas and industrial applications.

  • Temporary above-ground water storage tanks
  • Rectangular or round tanks
  • In-ground water storage tanks
  • Custom designs available on request


  • Proprietary non-permeable polyurea surface with low-density EPS core
  • Better durability, thermal properties and UV resistance than HDPE products
  • Integrated strapping system provides a secure, stable installation
  • Modular design fits most rectangular and round tanks


  • Protects against freezing and evaporation
  • Panels are lighter, easier to install
  • Durable and non-permeable for low water absorption and extended use
  • Withstands weather extremes and high winds
  • Reduces algae growth and waterfowl landings

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